Phil Evans is the Senior Pastor of Hawkesbury Valley Baptist
Church, a thriving church in the Western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. He is
also the leader of the Youth arm of Greater West For Christ, a movement which
seeks to see churches and ministries connected, supported and thriving across the
tough Greater Western Sydney region.

Phil and his wife Casey are passionate about seeing individuals realize their
full potential as people created in the image of God. They believe people are not
defined by their past or by their circumstances, and have committed their lives to
seeing this realized. As well as his work in the local church context, Phil has
mentored inmates from prisons across Sydney, and worked with them to get back
on their feet after their release. Recently, Phil and Casey led a team of 8 volunteers
from Australia to serve with Scars and Bars in Ohio's prisons for a month. He has
also worked and volunteered in different capacities inside Australia's Department
of Juvenile Justice Centers. Phil speaks extensively across New South Wales,
bidding people to grow in intimacy with Jesus and to daily respond to His call to
love the least of these.

He also works weekly in public high schools and the local community, seeking
to highlight the fingerprints of God across a broad range of contexts. 
The Sydney
chapter of Scars and Bars is an opportunity to partner with those who are or have
been incarcerated , as well 
as those who work tirelessly within the system to
promote positive change. Phil and Casey and their team are excited 
to see the
humanity and passion of inmates restored, and to work with them to make a
difference that will echo
 for many generations, despite what their
circumstances might be.